itsmyshowproductions 2018

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things have been quiet on the itsmyshowproductions front… but don’t worry my faithful companions, we have not lost hope here at the itsmyshowproductions studios. Many man hours have been put into producing the highest quality content itsmyshowproductions has ever seen! We are also working hard to improve the quality of our website, we just wanted to let y’all know that we are still kicking it! The team looks forward to sharing some of our new projects with you in the […]

Looking ahead with itsmyshowproductions

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Hello everyone! As some of you may have noticed the website has taken a new look over the last few days. itsmyshowproductions hopes to increase the quality of content for all you viewers out there, so we have decided to overhaul our entire website as well as our youtube page. We are excited for our new content to roll out to you guys in the near future. Stay tuned and check in from time to time as the blog will […]

Itsmyshowproductions Update: July 18, 2017

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Hello All! It’s the first update to! This blog post is for anyone wondering what itsmyshowproductions has in store for the summer of 2017, we have been hard at work to insure our products are up to the itsmyshowproductions standard. So take a gander please! Shows : Thatsme and Janky Hustlas : Two episodes have been produced for Thatsme in the recent weeks, they are currently undergoing some last touches for humorous effect.  As for Janky Hustlas, the show has […]

Shmokin’ Shmokin’ Wednesday

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Sup y’all.  Welcome. Things have been hectic af around the Itsmyshowproductions offices!  The summer is hot and the babes are hotter.  Wednesday Wisdom has been put on a permanent hiatus for now, but maybe it probably won’t come back but we’ll see.  ITSMYSHOW! Stay tuned to for exciting upcoming projects that are going down this SUMMER 2017.     …but itsmyshow

Wednesday Wisdom #5

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Welcome back to My favourite and your favourite segment is back again this week with some wisdom straight from the heart over here at itsmyshow. Today’s topic is about having Discipline. Life will always throw obstacles in your way and challenge you down to the core.  It is important to not lose sight of your goals in life and what really makes you happy.  That’s why Discipline plays such a crucial role in your life’s happiness and success. Staying determined […]

Wednesday Wisdom #4

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Hello World, Welcome to another iteration of the smash hit series Wednesday Wisdom, brought to you by the golden pony boy at Itsmyshowproductions.  Today I’d like to talk about Creativity. Creativity comes in different shapes and sizes, it could be something as simple as drawing a picture, or it could be something as complex as drawing a picture. Either way, creativity is important for a healthy brain and theres so many unique ways to show the world your true self […]

Wednesday Wisdom #3

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Hi folks, Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wisdom brought to you by the good folks at Itsmyshowproductions. Today I’d like to touch on the subject of HABITS and how they ultimately shape our reality.  When the goals we set for ourselves don’t sync up with our daily Habits, we are bound to fail hard as fuck.  I mean, if you wanna be a professional rapper or an excellent painter, you can’t just crank down all day and expect to wish yourself […]

ItsmyshowHISTORY Vol.2

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time and again for Itsmyshow. “Hey, where did the name Itsmyshowproductions actually come from?” you may ask? Well, feast your lips on this link. “Hmm?” You may ask.  Well during the summer of 2014 The Creator spent an entire summer watching Blood in Blood Out over 100 times. Real time was spent studying this masterpiece, sometimes but not always up 4 times in just a single summers day.

Wednesday Wisdom #1

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Welcome, Itmyshowproductions proudly presents Wednesday Wisdom. An ongoing blog post where I’d like to impart some weekly wisdom for whoever may be reading this.  Today the topic is about Life Choices and how sometimes the right path is not always the most obvious.