History of ITSMYSHOW

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Pre Itsmyshowproductions (Early-Late 2000’s):

Itsmyshowproductions was a mere twinkle in the eye of its Creator. He however, was no stranger to the creative process of making animated shorts, as he had been doing so ever since he was a pre-teen. In the early 2000’s, The Creator (BDG) would have to resort to programs such as Microsoft’s 3d Movie Maker to quench his creative thirst. But he would not stop there, he would also create makeshift frame by frame animations using Camtasia Studio, MS Paint, and a cheap PC microphone, doing a majority of the voices himself. Some of the early production companies went by the names of G Corp and Pac-Man Productions, but the attitude and overall production style remained the same. What started out as a hobby to pass the time in the cold north, became a life-long passion that would reside in the heart of The Creator into his early adult life…

Inception (2014):

Years of being inactive in the creative community left a void in the mind, and heart, of The Creator. Yearning for a new outlet to express his innermost desires and natural humorous instincts reached a breaking point in the summer of 2014.  It was decided to put all the numerous viewings of Blood in Blood out and ‘erb smoking to good use and start firing out content without any thought. Thus, Itsmyshowproductions was born. 3 initial episodes were created from August 19th to August 22nd. Taking inspiration from the classic movie Friday” (Ice cube, John Witherspoon), The goal in mind was to create a web-series that strays from the usual narcissistic and ego driven tendencies set forth by most internet based content, and would feature no signs of cast or credits anywhere on the Youtube page.  With the philosophy of Itsmyshowproductions firmly in place, the next year would truly shape what the company was all about.

Revengeance (2015-Present):

After a year of slaving away doing hard labour, The Creator knew it was time to get back to expanding the Itsmyshowproductions universe. What started out as a humble cast of 3 voice actors, it ballooned to 8 voice actors over the next 8 episodes. Having a diverse cast of voice actors was important to the artistic standard that Itsmyshowproductions was striving for. Not satisfied with just the Youtube videos, it was decided that all creative endeavors designed and produced by BDG would now be under the Itsmyshowproductions umbrella. So, in early 2017 itsmyshowproductions.com was created and the future is looking as strange as ever…

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