Itsmyshowproductions Update: July 18, 2017

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Hello All!

It’s the first update to!

This blog post is for anyone wondering what itsmyshowproductions has in store for the summer of 2017, we have been hard at work to insure our products are up to the itsmyshowproductions standard. So take a gander please!

Shows :

Thatsme and Janky Hustlas :

Two episodes have been produced for Thatsme in the recent weeks, they are currently undergoing some last touches for humorous effect.  As for Janky Hustlas, the show has been undergoing some serious plot suggestions and now has an endgame in sight.  We like to keep it classy at, so we are refusing to write any sorta script or outline for the shows direction, we just gotta keep it frosty at the tips and go from there.  Although there is no current script for either of these shows, some mad brainstorming from the minds at itsmyshowproductions has given us some new fields to explore and we can’t wait baby!

Itsmyshowproductions Game Reviews :

Games :

Beerleague RPG :

We have released the first screenshot of our upcoming RPG: Beerleague RPG!

The early prototypes of this game can be found as early as 2008! So we are really excited to finally have a playable basketball adventure that takes place in the Beerleague Universe with some classic itsmyshowproductions humor by the butt loads! This version of the game was first started in July 2016, and through a tedious development cycle we are proud to say it will be available to you lovely people almost 1 year after its initial creation! Stay tuned for more info about the story-line and other goodies before the release in the next few weeks.

Special Project Codename – LLL : 

This game is a ways away, but over the last few months itsmyshowproductions has put in some heavy man hours into one specific feature that I’m certain will be a hit with all you itsmyshowproductions fans! ITSMYSHOW! 

The release for this game is slated for 2018 but check back this SUMMER for an early sneak peek at this itsmyshowproductions creation!