Wednesday Wisdom #4

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Hello World,

Welcome to another iteration of the smash hit series Wednesday Wisdom, brought to you by the golden pony boy at Itsmyshowproductions.  Today I’d like to talk about Creativity. Creativity comes in different shapes and sizes, it could be something as simple as drawing a picture, or it could be something as complex as drawing a picture. Either way, creativity is important for a healthy brain and theres so many unique ways to show the world your true self through creative expression. I find most people don’t care about creative endeavors or that they tell themselves they are not a creative type so they never even try. You can never be sure if you love something until you try it, and its always a wise choice to attempt something that you’ve never done before and try to challenge yourself to be better than your shitty yesterday self.  This post was pretty vague but I mean hey itsmyshow.