Wednesday Wisdom #5

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Welcome back to

My favourite and your favourite segment is back again this week with some wisdom straight from the heart over here at itsmyshow.

Today’s topic is about having Discipline.

Life will always throw obstacles in your way and challenge you down to the core.  It is important to not lose sight of your goals in life and what really makes you happy.  That’s why Discipline plays such a crucial role in your life’s happiness and success. Staying determined to workout even after a long days work makes a world of a difference between reaching your goals and losing focus. But, this is not limited to reaching goals or working towards completing a project, you should use Discipline in everyday life to remind yourself to enjoy things in life.  Sometimes, as we grow older, we tend to pass over doing things that make us happy and opt to fall into a routine of comfort. Never forget the things that make you happy and make sure you make some time to do the things that excite you and fill your heart with passion.